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8 Questions With Alberto Seveso
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Alberto Seveso is a self-taught Italian graphic artist and illustrator, who was first inspired by artwork on skate decks and music album artwork.
His unique pieces have been featured on the covers of magazines and CDs around the world, and he’s collaborated with big names such as The Temper Trap, amongst many others. Alberto is probably best known for his portrait work and experiments using ink and high-speed photography.

We managed to tear him away from his Top Secret current project to answer 8 questions.

1. You are an artist. This is clear, but how do you define yourself?
I define myself as “someone playing with softwares, hardwares, colors and creativity”. I don’t consider myself as an artist, this is too much, I think we abuse this word “art” and “artist” there are too many artists who aren’t really, and I’m one of them!

2. We learned about you because of Disastro Ecologico, how was this project born?

By chance,  I remember that I saw something similar a long time ago, and I felt impressed by high-speed photography. It makes me think about the possibility to stop time in a “click”. Over the last years I just tried to have a personal approach to this technique, developing this project in a very personal way.






3. We know that The Temper Trap, very famous Australian group, chose your work for their CD covers, how did they find you? Talk to us about this collaboration

They saw my works published on a Blog, I think it was “thisiscolossal” but I’m not 100% sure.

For sure it is one of my favorite works, the collaboration was really cool, because they gave me total creative freedom and I like to work in freedom, and also because in 2012 we won the award for Best Art Vinyl.

4. What do you consider your favorite work?
Well, at the moment probably the series “A me mi piace la Gnocca”. I think it is the most original and spontaneous series of illustrations that i’ve done, for now… People started to know me through this series of illustrations and this way of illustrating bodies and portraits.



5. What advice would you give people who use your work as inspiration?
I think that a person who is inspired by my work or any other cool creative, should try to do something completely different from mine, many people are satisfied if they reach my level or if they do something very similar to my artworks, but it is so wrong! Don’t try to be me, try to be better than me and different.

6. Who are your favorite artists?

Many, perhaps too many, maybe no one. I’m a little retro – I love Caravaggio, Pollock, Warhol, in general old school artists but I don’t like Picasso too much, maybe I don’t understand his works!

7. A client who you would like to work for?

Well, I was really fascinated by the design of skateboards of the ‘90s – my favorite and first board was the “Jeff Kendall” snake, so if I could make a wish I would like to work for Santa Cruz Skateboards – I would like to design some boards.


Image: “Jeff Kendall” Snake Skateboard 

8. What are you working on now?
Hmm, I have to keep it secret, but I can say that I’m working on some illustrations for the movie of a famous fairy tale…

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