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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 47: Arid Zones Cluster
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 47: Arid Zones Cluster

We have another Cluster from Milan Expo 2015 for you today: The Arid Zones.


The design of the cluster was inspired by desert sandstorms and the harshness of life in some of the driest and most hostile places on the planet. Inside, many thin, translucent cylinders hang from the ceiling of the exhibition area, and each of the country pavilions has been made to blend in with the arid aesthetic. There is also a representation of a natural oasis in the form of a water fountain. Inside the exhibitions of the countries within the Arid Zones cluster – Djibouti, Eritrea, Jordan, Mauritania, Mali, Palestine, Senegal and Somalia – visitors learn that not all arid zones are the same, each offering different flora and fauna, as well as human activity.

ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_01 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_02 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_03 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_04 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_05 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_06 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_07 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_08 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_09 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_10 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_11 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_12 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_13 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_14 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_15 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_16 ExpoAridZones_feeldesain_17

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