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A night at 9,000ft | Airbnb
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A night at 9,000ft | Airbnb

If you suffer from vertigo, this hotel is not for you!


Airbnb loves to create unusual places to stay, and offer them as a special prize for a few hand-picked guests – we’ve all heard about the time they decked out an old aeroplane as a hotel room and offered an IKEA store as a place to stay – but this hotel is even more daring. Suspended over the resort of Courcheval in the French Alps is this converted cable car, which is now a snazzy apartment, which can accomodate up to four people. It’s all part of Airbnb’s “A Night At” campaign, offering winners of contests the opportunity to stay in weird and wonderful apartments.


If this looks like the hotel of your dreams, there’s still time to enter the giveaway – all you have to do is explain in 100 words why they should pick you to stay there. The contest closes on February 25th, and four winners will be chosen in early March.

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