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Bâtiment in Paris | Leandro Erlich
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Bâtiment in Paris | Leandro Erlich

If you’re planning on visiting Paris from now till the end of March, make sure you drop by art complex Le 104 to see their Perceptions exhibition. It’s there that you’ll find an exciting installation called Bâtiment (Building) by Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich that’s sure to warp your mind. A Parisian facade gives viewers the impression that they’re vertical. Visitors are encouraged to walk all around the outside of the building, scaling its walls and jumping from window to window. Of course, this is all, safely, from the floor.

Big thanks to Le 104 for sending over these pics.
Photo credit: Batiment – L. Erlich © Henriette Desjonquères & Paul Fargues.

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