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Budget Gift Guide – €50 and under
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Budget Gift Guide – €50 and under

Wouldn’t life be great if you didn’t have to worry about how much Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest were going to cost? Unfortunately, most of us do have to stick to a budget, but there are still plenty of amazing gifts out there for under €50. Here are 10 of our suggestions to suit all kinds of tastes.


1. For the one who loves to eat…


Image: Shay Aaron via Etsy

What? Shay Aaron is an incredible artist who makes teeny tiny food (read more about him here). He makes some of his creations into very affordable jewellery including earrings, charms and cufflinks. There are Christmassy options like these peppermint candy earrings, but also less festive choices like cupcakes, fruits and veggies.


How much? Most items between €15 and €30 each.


Where can I get it? On Shay’s Etsy store.


2. For the budding photographer…


Image: The Pop Up Pinhole Company

What? Viddy by the Pop Up Pinhole Company is a DIY recycled-cardboard pinhole camera which you have to fold yourself. The fun thing about this camera is that it really works, and is also a nice little project to get on with while your family dozes off after Christmas lunch. Available in black, blue, red, or green.


How Much? £38 (€). Shipping costs and times vary greatly – make sure you check your zone before ordering!


Where can I get one? Viddy’s site.



3. For the adventurer in your life…


Image: Feel Desain

What? We actually tested out the Poler Drifter Pack a while back, and we continue to love this brand. While a lot of their products don’t fall into the Under €50 bracket, you can get a Drifter Pack in some colours (actually, all colours at time of writing, as Poler have a sale on!). These bags are effortlessly cool and also really useful for any purpose, whether you give one to a teenager for school, a skateboard enthusiast, or a camping fanatic.


How Much? From $34.99 (around €33). Delivery time 7-10 business  days.


Where can I get one? Online on Poler’s site or from one of their stockists.


4. For the one who’s travel-obsessed…


Image: Luckies

What? If you have more than one adventure enthusiast in your life, this is another fun idea. What better way to plan your next trips than to have a corkboard map on your wall? You can simply stick pins in the places you’ve visited or the destinations you’re dreaming of, or you can attach notes, photos, or postcards. Plus, the map is sure to look really cool on any wall.


How Much? €35.53. Delivery times vary – click on the shipping tab on the product page to check for your country.


Where can I get one? On Luckies’ site.


5. For the fashion-forward…


Image: Abrams Books

What? Giving clothes as a gift is risky. When in doubt, why not give the gift of inspiration? Fashion Tribes, published by Abrams Books and with stunning photos by Daniele Tamagni shows street style from around the world, focusing on seven unique subcultures. Although the recipient is unlikely to start dressing like a Bolivian wrestler or a Congolese dandy, they’ll certainly get an insight into fashions around the globe.


How Much? $35 (around €33)


Where can I get one? The Abrams Books site.


6. For the design-loving eco-warrior…


Image: Feel Desain

What? Memobottle is a reusuable alternative to a traditional plastic bottle, and also fits super neatly into your bag as it’s the size and shape of a notebook (now available in A5 or A6 sizes). A great gift for design lovers, the eco-friendly or, really, anyone at all!


How Much? A6 Version $22 (around €20), A5 version $25 (around €23.50)


Where can I get one? On



7. For the one who’s always on the go…


Image: Feel Desain

What? If you need a gift which is stylish but subtle, useful without being boring, this phone case by Bellroy could be just the thing. The leather case has space for a credit card so is practical for people who are always on the move, and is available in five different colours. See more photos here.


How Much? $49 (around €46). Delivery between 1 and 8 working days depending on destination.


Where can I get one? On Bellroy’s site.


8. For the coffee drinker in need of inspiration…


Image: Molly Hatch for Anthropologie

What? Cute, aren’t they? These pretty travel cups were designed by the talented Molly Hatch for Anthropologie and come in four designs (all pictured above). Not only are they practical and happily dishwasher safe, but they’re also decorated with beautiful colours and phrases sure to make anyone feel motivated while they sip their morning coffee.


How Much? £18 each (around €25). Delivery costs and times vary depending on destination.


Where can I get one? On Anthropologie.


9. For the little ones…


Image: Pirasta

What? These giant posters are by Pirasta and can be hung on the wall or laid out on the floor for hours of entertainment. The posters are available in four designs which are all wonderfully busy, meaning the children will have plenty to focus on. A giant colouring poster: €30. An afternoon without having to entertain all of the kids in the family: priceless.


How Much? $32 (about €30). Delivery currently USA only, unfortunately for those of us in Europe!


Where can I get one? Online, on Pirasta’s site.


10. For the green-fingered city dweller…


Image: Boskke

What? We all know someone who lives in an apartment and would love a garden. So give them one (or more…) of these amazing upside down plant pots. The gravity-defying “sky planters” are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and colours and don’t take up valuable floor or surface space, making them ideal for compact living spaces (and an immediate talking point for anyone who pops round to visit!).


How Much? Prices start from €19.99


Where can I get one? On the Boskke site.



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