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Cocktail Kit | Cody Petts
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Cocktail Kit | Cody Petts

Cody Petts designed these adorable little cocktail kits tins which merge vintage with modern to create an awesome gift. The little boxes contain a recipe card, spoon and the key ingredients for some famous cocktails – just add alcohol and you’re good to go.  The pocket sized sets include lovely old fashioned lettering and were created for New York based Cocktail Kits.

CocktailKit_feeldesain_01 CocktailKit_feeldesain_02 CocktailKit_feeldesain_03 CocktailKit_feeldesain_04 CocktailKit_feeldesain_05 CocktailKit_feeldesain_06 CocktailKit_feeldesain_07 CocktailKit_feeldesain_08

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