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Echoes | Hebe Robinson
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Echoes | Hebe Robinson

In a set of photos which remind us a little bit of Feel Desain’s very own riTOrno series, Hebe Robinson explores the connection between past and present and the perception of time. The Norwegian photographer’s Echoes series visits the places from vintage photographs, and repositions the original snap amongst the scenery before photographing it again, giving the impression that people, friends, and families from the past are interacting with today’s surroundings. A charming collection – check it out below.

Echoes_feeldesain_01 Echoes_feeldesain_02 Echoes_feeldesain_03 Echoes_feeldesain_04 Echoes_feeldesain_05 Echoes_feeldesain_06 Echoes_feeldesain_07 Echoes_feeldesain_08 Echoes_feeldesain_09 Echoes_feeldesain_10 Echoes_feeldesain_11 Echoes_feeldesain_12 Echoes_feeldesain_13
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