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Game of Thrones Posters | Dean Smith
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Game of Thrones Posters | Dean Smith

You might have guessed by now that we kind of love Game of Thrones here at Feel Desain, and we’re back today with some more great GoT graphics. Dean Smith, a graphic designer based in London, has created this clean, iconographic series of A3 prints which depict the architecture of Westeros and Essos, and the locations of Braavos, Kings Landing, Winterfell, and Castle Black. The prints are limited edition, so if you want one for yourself, head over here to buy one now.

GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_01 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_02 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_03 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_04 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_05 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_06 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_07 GameofThronesPoster_feeldesain_08


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