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How to be a Hipster
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How to be a Hipster

This is the official Feel Desain guide on How to become a Hipster. You know, how all the ‘cool’ kids are dressing… acting… where they eat.

Wanna be a hipster? This is where to start – a comprehensive head to toe analysis:

1) Wear a beanie that’s just a ‘little’ bit too small…

2) Wear round glasses (even if you have 20:20 vision). Tortoiseshell is a good start.

3) If you’re a guy: have a big beard. If you’re a girl: shave part of your head.

4) Wear shirts/tops your grandparents would wear:

5) Have heavily tattoed arms

6) Skinny Jeans

7) Loafers, boots, converse, doc martins, wedges, platforms… flatforms – with brightly coloured socks


NOTES: Make sure you eat at all the TRENDY cafes. Listen to INDIE music – definitely NOT anything mainstream. Watch Arthouse movies. Talk about arthouse movies and indie music.

Good luck!!

Feel Desain

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