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Lodz Design Festival 2015
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Lodz Design Festival 2015

We are LIVE from Lodz Design Festival 2015, and we’ll be updating this page over the next few days with the most exciting things that we see at the festival.   This year, the event includes the main program which follows the main theme of Consequences, the make me! competition for young designers, the educreation space for families and kids, as well as many other shows and events. You can find out more about this year’s edition of LDF on their website, and make sure you keep checking back here to see what we come across at LDF 2015. Lodz15_feeldesain_01 Lodz15_feeldesain_02 Lodz15_feeldesain_03 Lodz15_feeldesain_04 DCIM102GOPRO DCIM102GOPRO Lodz15_feeldesain_07 Lodz15_feeldesain_08 Lodz15_feeldesain_09 Lodz15_feeldesain_10 Lodz15_feeldesain_11 Lodz15_feeldesain_12 Lodz15_feeldesain_13 Lodz15_feeldesain_14 Lodz15_feeldesain_15 Lodz15_feeldesain_16 Lodz15_feeldesain_17

Lodz15_feeldesain_18 Lodz15_feeldesain_19 Lodz15_feeldesain_20 Lodz15_feeldesain_21 Lodz15_feeldesain_22 Lodz15_feeldesain_23 Lodz15_feeldesain_24 Lodz15_feeldesain_25 Lodz15_feeldesain_26 Lodz15_feeldesain_27

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