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Łódź Design Festival 2017
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Łódź Design Festival 2017

Get ready for the 11th edition of Łódź Design Festival!

This year exhibitions, lectures, discussion panels and workshops will be focused on the theme of contemporary design in the context of redesigning.

 Łódź Design Festival is currently the most important international event in design in Central and Eastern Europe. It presents design in various aspects; from industrial design, art and craft design, graphic design and architecture, to fashion. The 11th edition of the festival will be focused on the theme of contemporary design in the context of redesigning.

 – ‘New’ seems to be the most important feature of the present days. We have questioned many old truths and dead ways of thinking. For the first time in history, in highly developed societies, the youngest generations live in a world completely different from the one in which their parents grew up. Unusual changes in technology, society and environment motivate us to constantly seek new solutions. At every stage of our lives we face new challenges. How will we live, work, spend our free time? How will our cities look like and how will we move? In what world will we be born, grow up and grow old? We have decided to ask these questions to designers, curators and brands with whom we prepare this year’s edition of the festival. – says Michał Piernikowski, director of Łódź Design Festival.

The festival program consists of nearly 30 exhibitions, which will be available from 3rd October.

For the first time in Poland, straight from the prestigious London Design Museum, the exhibition New Old – Design for Our Future Selves inspires us to rethink the approach to the design dedicated to the elderly and to different themes such as the aging of the population, the human life conditions and the increase in life expectancy.

Another important point of this edition is the Polish premiere of the Urban daydreaming exhibition organized by the Vitra Design Museum. It will be focused on possible scenarios of urban development, emphasizing the need to re-introduce nature: plants, animals, water and fire to our everyday environment.


At least, as every year, the presentation of the results of the must have plebiscite will feature the best Polish implementations, and the exhibition presenting the finalists of the 10th international makeme! is a chance to learn about the topics that inspire the best designers of the young generation.

This year the Łódź Design Festival will surely be an exciting event and we will not miss it!


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