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One O | Chiara Cavagion & Irene Fucci
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One O | Chiara Cavagion & Irene Fucci

“I love fools’ experiments.
I’m always making them”
C. Darwin


That’s how One O was born, a thrilling experiment that made Chiara Cavagion and Irene Fucci, graphic designers based in Turin (Italy), dedicate theirselves body and soul to this striking textile design project. Their city is also the place where their products draw their inspiration from: fascinating architectures that surround everyday’s life and they usually miss.


So they began walking slowly with their noses popped upwards: there it was, the city with its astonishing architectures and identities awaiting to be admired. That’s how One O patterns are born and the message they want to send through their blog. But One O is not only about foolish and gracefully astonishing photos, it’s also a conscious choice about materials and inks, it’s using not chemically treated 100% cotton textiles, it’s getting Chiara and Irene’s hands (and dresses!) dirty to perfectly hand silkscreen patterns, it’s Italian pride of sewing excellent crafted details.


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