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Pet-Friendly Chunky | Anna Mo
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Pet-Friendly Chunky | Anna Mo

Winter is coming and your pet needs the perfect bed for the cold weather. The designer Anna Mo knits with chunky spools of wool, utilizing giant needles to produces the three-inch stitches that comprise her many objects including a pet chunky. The animal-focused textiles mimic the appearance of her human accessories, crafted in bright blue, pink, and orange encasements that are perfect for the upcoming winter. Due to the round shape of the beds they even begin to look like spools of yarn themselves, hollowed out to perfectly snuggle your pooch or kitty. You can shop the collection on her Etsy shop Ohhio, and each of her creations are crafted from 100% merino wool.  She outlines more of her creative process in an endearing and humorous Kickstarter (video below). See more of her soft creations on her Instagram and Facebook.

AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_11 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_12 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_08 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_09 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_10 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_07 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_01 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_02 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_03 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_04 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_05 AnnaMo_Cat_FeelDesain_06


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