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Product Review: Bois de Cerf Wooden Case
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Product Review: Bois de Cerf Wooden Case

A slightly girlier product review for you today! Bois de Cerf is a French company which makes these beautiful wooden covers for iPhones. They were kind enough to send us a limited edition (1 of just 15!) FLORAL iPhone 5/5S case to test out and to give away to one of you!


The covers made by Bois de Cerf are all made of natural wood, and the company takes great pride in their craftsmanship. They have a variety of designs, but when Bois de Cerf asked which one we’d like to try out, let’s just say that the girls in the office had the final word – this graphic floral design was too beautiful to resist.


The cover is lightweight and protective and comes in two sections; the plastic part (which we have in pink and in transparent), and the wooden cover, which then slot together. It wasn’t particularly easy to get the cover on, but we’re pretty sure that’s actually a good thing – our phone definitely wasn’t going anywhere! Also, bonus points to Bois de Cerf for their packaging, which had the girls making “ooooohhh” noises when it first arrived at Feel Desain HQ – very well played!


You can find a selection of our photos below, and keep an eye out for the giveaway that will be coming soon…

BambooCover_feeldesain_01 BambooCover_feeldesain_02 BambooCover_feeldesain_03 BambooCover_feeldesain_04 BambooCover_feeldesain_05 BambooCover_feeldesain_06 BambooCover_feeldesain_07

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