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Reality Meets Lego Star Wars
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Reality Meets Lego Star Wars

His work has been published in national newspapers all over the UK, shown on BBC television, and featured in many magazines all over the world. I’m talking about celebrated artist Mike Stimpson. So, what does he actually do that’s gained him so much popularity in the media? Well, he specializes in taking photos of LEGOs. His latest collection of photos depicts Star Wars Lego characters doing rather unusual things.


Stormtroopers exercising with lightsabers, checking updates on Facebook, riding bicycles, building snowmen, giving out free hugs, stalking people at the mall–these are just some of the funny scenes Stimpson has created. Darth Vader and other iconic Star Wars characters have also been thrown into the act. Says Stimpson, “I seem to take a lot of photographs of toys. I also like messing about with light.”



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