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Tea Bag Portrait | Red Hong Yi
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Tea Bag Portrait | Red Hong Yi

Just recently we brought you news of artist Red Hong Yi‘s Superbowl project – the Immaculate Reception. She’s certainly been busy, as she’s back with yet another stunning piece, this time using over twenty thousand stained teabags (which reminds us of the time she made a portrait with coffee cup stains) which she started dying two months in advance. This work went on display at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the end of January. Using inspiration from her Malaysian roots, Red depicted the Teh Tarik (“pulled tea”) man – a familiar figure in Malaysia who makes a sweet, frothy tea drink by pouring tea between two containers. This piece was certainly challenging, and even involved transporting all those teabags in pizza boxes from Red’s home to Switzerland, but it’s one of our favourite pieces to date. Watch the video below to see how she did it.

TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_01 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_02 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_03 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_04 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_05 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_06 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_07 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_08 TeabagPortrait_feeldesain_09


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