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Unlocking Doors with Your Smartphone
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Unlocking Doors with Your Smartphone

Using your smartphone to unlock the door is just one of those good news many people have been waiting for. Technology is already accompanying us everywhere, so why not let it unlock our doors? The Lockitron technology promises to make our daily lives easier by taking advantage of new smartphone technologies. No longer having to go through the stress of forgetting where you left you keys, this technology can help anyone find the way back home. The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows you to control systems that monitor the doors equipped with this type of lock. And that’s not all. You can even grant access to your home or even office to friends and family. The system unlocks the door from up to fifteen feet away. Temporary access can be granted to other smartphones – for example, allow your party guest to open the door for one night only or let the plumber get inside to fix your leaks when you are not home. So, do you like this wonder of modern technology or you prefer the old school way? Watch the video below to see how the system works.

Lockitron  Unlocking Doors with Your Smartphone [Video]



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