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Urban Treehouse in Turin | Luciano Pia
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Urban Treehouse in Turin | Luciano Pia

As you know by now, we’re always proud to share our favourite examples of Italian creativity, and today we’re showing you some amazing architecture here in our home city of Turin, Italy.


25 Verde was designed by architect Luciano Pia, and was created as an attempt to protect residents from the city pollution. The structure is almost treehouse-like in its form and holds 63 units, surrounded by 150 trees, naturally absorbing carbon dioxide and providing residents with clean air to breathe, even in the city centre. The trees create a great microclimate inside the building too, making sure it stays cool enough during the hot Italian summer, and letting warm light reach homes during the cold winter months. Steel beams recreate the form of tree branches, and the unusual wavy shapes make the building really stand out against the traditional constructions around it, and naturally the trees’ colours provide a variety of colours and foliage. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a treehouse, now you know where to go!

UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_01 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_02 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_03 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_04 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_05 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_06 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_07 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_08 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_09 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_10 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_11 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_12 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_13 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_14 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_15 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_16 UrbanTreehouse_feeldesain_17

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